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10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man With a Beard

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Man With a Beard

Women are drawn to males with facial hair growth, which is a new trend that has gained considerable attention, signaling a return to primitive impulses.

Whereas our moms were drawn to the clean-cut, well-groomed guy, equating him to prosperity and financial stability, the women of the Younger generation are drawn to the chunkier, plus rougher, hairy males.

It's fascinating to see how overall likes and inclinations vary from generation to the next generation. Although our mothers and grandmothers admire guys with clean-cut faces and hair, the Millennial age is drawn to more natural-looking men with big beards.

Rather than thinking that a guy with a full-grown beard and natural facial hair is a renegade, a bad boy, or just too lazy to groom himself, many people believe that a man with a full-grown beard and natural chest hair is powerful, mature, and dependable.

It's fascinating to see how different individuals from various generations respond to something really normal as facial hair in males. There are a lot of reasons why more and more people are now rushing to get their hands on the products from Dari Mooch, Menigma and Naturia etc.

Here Are Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Man With Beard.

  1. They Look Muscular:

A beard stands out against a suit or a sleek button-up. A hefty amount of facial hair, coupled by a smart suit, provides a sense of the muscular blacksmith. His beard also gives your guy a more intense confidence, rendering him even more desirable as your muscular prince charming.

  1. Keeps Him Safe from Cold:

The beard serves as a cardigan for your guy's face. You wouldn't have to force him to wear a face mask in the cold season since he already has one! He doesn't like it when it's freezing outside.

A beard serves as a muffler for his face. You won't have to think about your beloved being cold in the winter breeze. It's an all-natural defender against the elements. There will be no walking influenza for your man.

  1. They’re Healthier:

Based on the current findings of a research, a beard shields around 90 to 95 percent of UV radiation, lowering the risk of skin cancer and delaying the ageing process.

  1. They’re Handsome:

Gaining facial hair has traditionally been associated with adolescence and the start of masculinity. The capacity to grow a beard demonstrates how guys are getting smarter, plus mature, as well as ready to have a large number of children, which, in fact, causes our female hormones to go crazy.

  1. They’re Confident:

A guy with a beard just appears confident in himself, while still projecting a dark elegance. There's something seductive and intriguing about a man with well-groomed beard.

  1. They’re Patient:

He certainly has no difficulty waiting for events to come if he takes the time to grow a beard. He is not hurried or reckless; instead, he is cool and calculated, allowing whatever he steps out to do to come to completion in due time.

He knows that it is preferable to do anything with care in order to make it the best it can be, rather than doing it quickly and having it be mediocre.

  1. They’re Committed:

It takes a lot of courage to commit to a beard. They must be carefully clipped, cleaned, and maintained. A man with a beard is not a disheveled tramp; he is a man who is prepared to care for himself.

  1. They Look Classic:

Beards are classic. A guy from the beginning of human history until the first modern man of pretty recently are all continuing to grow facial hair. It's timeless, elegant, and never goes out of style. Just like a good red wine that gets better with age.

  1. They Look Mature:

Man would've been taken away by the matured and macho aura that the beard exudes. They become much more empathetic, easier to communicate to, and then of course the great communicator as well.

  1. They Look Stylish:

Assume you're out on a stroll with your lover, dressed in worn jeans, sturdy boots, as well as a V-neck striped Polo. A century's worth of countrymen. Jealousy will penetrate all of the females' eyes.

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