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11 11 Sale

11 11 Sale

How To Spend Less And Buy More?

Isn’t this a million dollar question folks? Oh yeah, it is and we’re about to find out provided you keep up with us. You must know that after reading this blog, you will be one wise, sagacious and erudite individual who surely knows how to spend less and buy more. So let’s get it done!

Shopping has always been our most favorite thing, either it may be out of necessity or as a recreational kinda hang out, it is always something fun to do. Hangouts have not been that easy, especially for the last few months, you know the COVID things! Yet our urge to shop, buy and crave for always pouring in latest arrivals certainly can’t be satiated that easily which brings us back to all important questions of spending, saving and buying.

Now that’s where SPECTER.PK rushes out to help. We know how “BRAND THIRSTY’’ you all are, that’s why we have the finest of national and international brands on board with a fiesta of products to get you thinking and finally choosing the ones you’ve always wanted. Everything at SPECTER.PK is original, quality oriented and Brand specific as we surely know the value of your money and customers’ trust and satisfaction are our assets! 

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking now, so here’s the deal for you all, SPECTER.PK is offering a grand 11-11 mega sale offer! Yes, you read that right people! Enjoy a flat 40 % off on all our products including KITO, the brand from the land of smiles, Thailand. 

Grab your cellphones / keyboards now and log onto to enjoy the biggest sale of the year. Hurry now and don’t miss the chance as it won’t come back, well at least for another 365 days!

Trust me guys this is the only way to SPEND LESS & BUY MORE! 

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