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Earn Extra Sales With Specter Onboarding Program!

Earn Extra Sales With Specter Onboarding Program!

E-commerce, The Way To Go!

In 2k18, Pakistan's E-commerce industry was estimated to be at Rs99.3 billion, which was a good increase from 2017 when the figures were Rs51.8 billion, let's just Math's things up, and you'd get a healthy year-on-year growth of 92 percent! With a population of 208 million and several financial inclusion solutions, Pakistan is one of the largest unrealized markets of e-commerce globally, there to be capitalized!

Specter, The Digital Marketplace

Are you looking for an E-commerce partner to double up your revenues without having to hassle?

A typical marketplace has lots of issues that affect sales and thus revenues. They mainly are:

  • Lack of Dedicated Brand Campaigns
  • AI Customer Support
  • Delayed Payments
  • Listing Fee
  • No Quality Control
  • Fake Brands

Everything from the above could cost you dearly and hamper your sales, ultimately reducing revenues, but not anymore as Specter.Pk has come with an exciting onboarding program to get you trouble-free and enhance sales in real-time.

Why Specter.Pk?

Specter resolves to be the most trusted, quality-oriented, and leading marketplace of Pakistan and is destined to get there in no time!

The Salient Features Include:

  • No Listing Fee
  • Dedicated Brand Space on website along with Special Campaigns,
  • Smooth and Timely Payments
  • Vibrant, Regular Sales Promotion Campaigns on Social Media
  • Fast and Reliable Shipping

In addition to the above, Specter. Pk provides your brand a platform for millions of customers and ease of selling nationwide. We also offer free-of-cost production shoots to market your brands in a more convincing manner.

Our social media team, professionally well versed with the world of digital marketing, would love to design dedicated social media posts to make sales happen quickly and running. Specter. Pk would also share the cost of discounts offered, giving you the freedom to plan your Sales Policy more effectively!  Brands like KITO, KHAS, Dari Mooch, HERBZ, and AMANI have shown great trust in us and now our proud partners!

So what are you waiting for? A remarkable and exceptional business growth awaits you. All you have to do is contact us at and become a seller now!

We’d Love To Have You Onboard!

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