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KITO, The Mantra Of Comfort!

KITO, The Mantra Of Comfort!

From the land of smiles, Thailand comes the most comfortable, elegant and luxuriously trendy footwear, KITO. The brand offers a vast range of loafers, wedges, slippers and flip flops that indeed make you feel classy, stylish and elegant in the most casual yet exciting manner. KITO is undoubtedly the brand to go with!

What's So Special About KITO?

Among loads of brands available in the market, Only KITO has the standout features that others lack.

They Are:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Traction

KITO is the most delicate EVA padded souls product, made with the finest elastic rubber and world quality material. The final product is something like a treat for your feet.

The weight of the sandals, slippers, flip-flops or loafers is so light that you can yourself feel that what light as a feather truly means! The gentle and soft cushioning under your feet provides with you a sensation of calmness, serenity and comfort that you've never experienced before.

It's a sensation indescribable in words, so get your feet to slip in now to experience what actual comfort relay feels like.

The other distinguishing feature of KITO products is resilience and durability. KITO products are made with the toughest yet softest EVA souls that are world-famous for toughness and durability. The only way you could change is to buy another one from us as the slippers would go for ages!

Traction and grip is another stunning feature that makes KITO your ultimate choice. The three-layered soles with the first one made of foam, combined with EVA padded midsole and furnished with a classy and comfy rubber sole at the bottom, would give your feet the care and grip you need.

May it be the challenging, rugged mountainous terrain or the rough patched bumpy lands, KITO stands firm in the toughest of the conditions as it has been made with the world's finest quality material. These three main stands out characteristics make KITO eminent among all other fake, cheap or simply not worth your money.

How To Get KITO?

Are you excited to have your share of style and grace by slipping into KITO? We are here to help you! Specter.PK is the only Official Platform for KITO articles with 100% customer satisfaction all across Pakistan.

Shipping 24/7 in all Pakistan cities, KITO offers a quality range of products for men, women and children. All you have to do is to log on to Specter, browse through all KITO products and order the one you like the most. Specter is making your dream brand available at a single click.

Quality & Originality is never compromised at Specter. Pk as we surely know the value of your money. Your trust is the ultimate asset that we value the most! So what's holding you back from getting into your dream brand?


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