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Sell at Specter

Sell at Specter

O you feel exhausted and drained spending hours of hectic shopping in crowded malls? Or you are a manufacturer looking for a market place to showcase your brand and get your sales going in top gear?

Fikar did not cause Specter is the one site to log in. Specter, an online virtual market that caters to all your shopping needs & selling deeds, launched with the vision to revolutionize the existing dimensions of E-Commerce.

Specter aims to be the leading online shopping store in Pakistan. Specter offers equal opportunities to the buyer and seller and presents a platform for all to come to buy or sell.

Here Are How We Can Help You As A Virtual Shopping Arcade.

  • As a Brand / Manufacturer
  • As a Customer

As a Brand / Manufacturer:

Specter currently has almost a dozen National & International brands with products ranging from the fashion industry to a healthy lifestyle regime. The count is on as more and more brands keep chipping in every day.

With a client base all across Pakistan, Specter is undoubtedly going to be the ideal platform for all online selling and branding, so if you are a brand or a manufacturer looking for a platform to launch your latest products, we have it all set, sir!

Contact Us Now And Get Live Today!

As a Satisfied Customer:

With the emergence of E-Commerce, the old hectic, exhausting and tiring shopping has become wonderfully easy and a fun thing to do. You could get what you want with a single click.

As the market is growing rapidly, one must be very careful not to be fooled by season sites that loot and sell inferior quality products online.

Specter yet again proves a trustworthy, quality-oriented and genuine brand store where you are sure to get the value for your money as the actual worth of your money is genuinely understood at Specter, and there is no compromise on the quality and genuineness of all our brands on board.

The reviews from all our valued clients stands a testimony to our commitment of delivering quality products to our customers all across Pakistan.

So what’s holding you back? Visit now and browse through all your favorite brands and get your shopping done in a single click.

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drmdlezbjt - October 4, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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