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Specter Latest Collections - Khas ,Bandana ,BTW

Specter Latest Collections - Khas ,Bandana ,BTW

It is that time of the year when brands come out with new and improved seasonal collections. Summer goes out and in comes winter. The time between summers and winters is always difficult. We just can't decide whether to wear our summer clothes or winter clothes.

It's so hot during the day you simply cannot go out wearing a sweatshirt and it's a cold afternoon that you regret wearing a half-sleeved t-shirt. Fret not because Khas, BTW, and Bandana are here with their pre-winter collection that will be the solution to this dilemma.

Realizing the people’s problem, each of these brands has come up with their collection that will provide us with some fantastic pre-winter clothes. So now you can look fashionable and be comfortable. Let’s have a look at what these new collections have to offer.

KHAS (Daastan e Khas)

Khas is a subsidiary of the Sadaqat Group is an internationally acclaimed brand. With the experience of over 50 years, Khas is one of the most popular fabric brands in Pakistan.

With multiple stores spread across Pakistan Khas provides us with the most top-notch fabric there is. They aim to bring the same quality of clothing that exists in other countries to Pakistan. Locally woven and inspired by our culture, their suits for women are instant grab.

Khas (Daastan e Khas) is the name of their latest collection. The collection offers a three-piece suit for women in many different styles and color combinations. Khas leaves it in the hands of their customers to design their clothes using the fabric, lace, and embroidery they provide.

They provide a picture of an ideal ready-made suit using the stuff included in the suit. Visit their blog to see how people have styled their suits to get an idea of how you should do it.

BTW (BTW Not So Typical)

A brand heavily influenced by the modern street style BTW has risen quickly to popularity among the youth of Pakistan. They design their clothes in a way that empowers and makes the wearer feel confident about themselves.

Their catalog includes a mixture of eastern and western wear. They launch new collections every season and the designs are fresh and new. Keeping in mind the current trends in fashion, BTW always comes with a fantastic collection every season that is worth buying.

Their latest collection Not so Typical is for women. The collection includes kurtas made of silk cotton that is perfect for pre-winter wear. This collection includes a limited number of designs but every one of them is unique and good in its way. Different patterns mixed with different colors. Pair it with some pants and you're ready to go.

Bandana (Luxe Life)

This year the premium athleisure wear brand comes out with its pr-winter collection. Bandana Lux life collection consists of a plethora of light material sweatshirts and pants that are perfect for the autumn weather.

The soft and rich fabric keeps the wearer warm in the cold and cool in the heat. That, combined with bandanas athleisure style, makes the perfect collection for pre-winter wear.

Final Verdict

If you are still confused about where to shop the latest collection of all these top-notch brands without any hassle. You are here right. As, Specter is one stop fashion market place where you can find every thing of your needs from leading international and national brands, all in one place.

So, just go to our website online, choose your favorite products and get them delivered within your doorsteps in days.

Happy Shopping!

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