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Top 10 Brands Only at Specter

Top 10 Brands Only at Specter

10 Brands Only At Specter

Our major goal is to give clients with the finest online buying plus customer experience imaginable. Here on site, there are also several goods listed within various categories from a few of the greatest and most reputable manufacturers.

So, whether you're exhausted from job and do not want to travel in the heat, Specter Pakistan seems to be the perfect spot for you to unwind while shopping for everything from apparels, jewelry pieces to your favorite clothes.


Astore is the best store to get your desired bags and jewelry pieces. Astore is the home of the best quality and super amazing collection of purses, handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags and much more. When it comes to jewelry, the options to choose from are immense.


Over half a century ago, KHAS, a subsidiary of the renowned Sadaqat Group, began to work its magic. The highly-respected Sadaqat Group's magic wand began flashing in 1951, and it has since helped them capture the hearts of millions of people as well as several accomplishment awards.

People in Pakistan have been praising the good quality of imported garments or clothes from other nations for decades. Khas Stores' mission is to deliver the same level of luxury materials to our proud Pakistani clientele without the extra costs of importing them. Our first objective is to earn our valued clients' confidence by offering reliable products and services.


BTW is the ideal combination of fun, young, contemporary, and economical apparel for every event! BTW, is an all-inclusive fashion business that believes in providing you with fresh, vivid items on a regular basis.

They heavily encourage impulse purchases and guarantee that you will get your money's worth. Both our items and client service are of high quality. They make vivid, lively apparel for all occasions by combining fashion, art, and design.


Bandana wants to provide our consumers the freedom to live an active and fluid lifestyle without restricting their natural movement. By offering the softest and most comfortable active wear and everyday wear to the community. Bandana strives to deliver the finest service possible to its clients and to keep them happy.

Hira Ali Studios

Hira Ali is among Pakistan's most interesting emerging fashion designers, according to critics. The designer is noted for their minimalist, modern, yet edgy vision of design, and therefore is altering the way Pakistanis think about fashion. Hira Ali strikes a delicate mix between modern and traditional styles.

The brand's minimalist designs are a key characteristic, resulting in a blend of old and modern approaches. Hira Ali is a firm believer in telling her story to the rest of the world. Her garments convey a tale, but her entire campaign is a story about the human condition and how it interacts with society.


Excel Clothing creates an exciting and hip environment to shop in, enabling each hand selected Brand to have their own personality, which reflects the company's concept of uniqueness and thoroughness.

These values are taken into account not just when looking for the greatest clothes and accessories that the world's most prestigious labels have to offer each season, but also when servicing our clients.

The discriminating shopper may choose from a wide range of apparel, accessories, and jewelry at Excel. Excel is committed to offering unique items and exceptional service to all of our clients, whether they shop online or in-store.

Mk Cosmetics

Their products are made up of 99.5-100 percent natural ingredients. They strive to make their products as natural as possible while never sacrificing their quality or efficacy. They are home to a large range of organic makeup and skin care products that you can use on a regular basis. Their products are used all over Pakistan.

Dari Mooch

All Dari Mooch products are manufactured with the best ingredients, and their products have undergone extensive testing and research by professionals in the skin and hair sectors to ensure that they perform on their commitments.

Dari Mooch encourages guys to grow their beards. They promote bearded men's style by supplying them with high-quality items. They vital items aid in the management and maintenance of well-groomed and healthy beards.

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