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Top Western Brands in Pakistan

Top Western Brands in Pakistan

As fashion enthusiasts, we all want to stay in trend. Each of us wants to stay on the top of fashion in from the most famous brands while staying within our budget.

So, if you want to get the latest western wear from the highest quality brand and don't want to overspend you have come to the perfect spot.

At Specter, we ensure you get the best western clothing from your favorite brands at a bargain.

Given the popularity of western apparel, we make sure that we always have the latest and reasonably priced clothing in stock, so you don't have to worry about picking the dress for your next friends' meetup. Here are the top western wear brands that are affiliated with specter and from which you can get your next favorite outfit.

Top Western Wear Brands 


From coats to scarves, bandana caters to all your western clothing needs. Bandana is a well-known western apparel company and is known among teenagers for its authentic, distinct, and latest clothing.

At Bandana, fashion designers emphasize on providing you with the best look. They have a large variety of clothes so that not only you but also your friends and family can enjoy Bandana without copying each other.

Bandana not only provides you with casual clothing but fulfills your athletic needs too by providing you with athletic wear too. They provide you with the trendiest outfit while staying true to their motto by making the clothing comfortable.

Color Coded Crime 

Color-coded Crime is an online fashion store that gives you comfort with sophistication.

From having a brunch with your friends to attending an official business meeting, you can leave it to Color coded Crime to ensure that not only is your dress classy but also easy to wear. Color-coded Crime's dresses are vogue and always high in demand.

They offer a vast collection ranging from boots to dresses, making sure that you get all your needs fulfilled at one place. So hop on to to get your next latest western dress from Color-coded Crime 


Who doesn't know Zara? This international brand has its roots all over the world. Not only this brand is famous for its aesthetic fashion style but also for the quality and comfort it provides.

Zara is a one-stop-shop for fashionistas. From belts to jeans, Zara has it all. Surely, it is one of the most renowned brands globally and they are still committed to providing quality.

Their dresses are head turners due to their high street – fashion styles. In terms of quality and endurance, your ZARA clothes will never disappoint you. So why don't you head over to to get your favorite ZARA jeans.

We at specter ensure that you get the highest quality, latest western clothing at affordable prices.

We always have a large variety of colors, designs and attires so that you look the best in your day-to-day life. All you need to do is simply visit our website and place your order and become a trendsetter.

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