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["Buy Latest Formal Shoes for Men in Pakistan"]

A nice pair of formal shoes is not just a great investment, but it has now become a necessity. Un arguably, sneakers and other casual shoes have an important place, but it also cannot be denied that at some times even the best of them just can’t do the same job as formal shoes.

While your clothes define your personality, similarly your shoes are a major part of how you present yourself. Being able to present a polished appearance is a quality skill that every man should own. Whether you are going to a wedding, funeral, job interview, or a date, there are some events that demand an outstanding pair of dress shoes.

It is truly said that a man shoe speaks a lot about himself. So, nailing your dress shoe choice is crucial for projecting the perfect image on others. Men’s formal shoes come in a huge variety of style, material, designs, and colours. For a great range of formal shoes, you can visit, as it has all the right shoes for every occasion and event.

Top Men Formal Shoes That Are A Must-Have in Your Wardrobe

Below here we have listed down the best style of formal shoes that every man’s wardrobe should have. You can have a look at all of these classic men’s formal shoes, and choose the best according to your taste and style.


If you ever get a chance to have just one pair of formal shoes in your wardrobe, oxford shoes should be your top choice. These are plain leathered shoes with a closed lace design, short back, and finished with a low heel. These timeless shoes give a very professional look as they are designed such that the shoelace eyelets are sewn under the vamp.

These exceptional shoes can go with almost every formal occasion. Oxford shoes are always in demand due to its out of box features. This shoe knows how to let you show off the shape of the foot with its sleek style.

Moreover, a snug fit is provided due to the closed lacing of this men’s formal shoe. So, if you are looking for a quality Oxford shoe to wear on any upcoming event you can find a great variety at none other than Specter and that too from top-rated brands like Amani, Puropelle, Leilo, and Excel.


Like Oxford, Derbies has also gained quite popularity when it comes to the selection of formal shoes for men. These are technically a little less formal than oxfords, but it doesn’t lessen its worth and style. The main difference with which Derby leads is its open lacing, making it comfortable, and stylish at the same time.

The comfortable aspect of the Derby shoes makes it quite popular among youngsters who don’t want to compromise the elevated look but also in their comfort zone. It is no surprise that Derby is a fusion of dressy and casual shoes. A classic black formal shoe for men can be your ultimate choice to wear on your favorite occasion.

If you have been finding a good pair of Derby shoes that you can check out at Leilo, that offers a classy look for those who are finding comfort and style altogether.


Who said you can’t style loafers with a formal suit? Loafers are classic low-heeled leather lace-free formal shoes for men. Loafers come in three various styles named Penny, Tassel, and Bit loafer respectively. All these three types are always high in demand due to their exceptional looks and style.

The most demanded ones have to be penny loafers. This elegant shoe is a common choice for work due to its simplicity. Another popular loafer type is the tassel loafer. The shoe is separated from others due to a bold yet statement tassel on the front part of the shoe.

Wondering where to find the best loafers for your daily wear? Well, you can then choose from Amani, which is known for its premium quality footwear collection.


Brogues are ever-green men’s formal shoes that have always remained in style. This shoe comes with a rough look but yet they have their unique identity due to its innovative design. From jeans to suit, they can be worn with anything.

If you are deciding to buy brogues, then you can find the best ones from Puropelle, available on Specter.

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Formal shoes have always been a status symbol to show one’s luxurious and elegant style. No matter the occasion or event, it can always be styled such as to uplift one’s outfit game. So, if you are wishing to upgrade your style sense, you may invest in a good pair of formal shoes.

At Specter, we offer a wide range of formal shoes all made from high-quality leather and are from top-rated brands. So, browse our website online shop your favorite ones!